Greenwork Network Scam or Not

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Published: 18th February 2011
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Let's clear this issue once and for all. Is Greenwin Network a scam or not?
The Greenwin Network scam issue has been a topic that has been on a lot of sceptics' minds for the last two years. Well, let's have a look at Greenwin and where it came from.


Hi. My name is Jack Stevens and I have been a Greenwin Network member and stakeholder since August 2010. It all started when one of my friends introduced me to the whole concept of what GWN is. He himself was a member of another mobile telecoms program, and then got introduced to GWN by his friend.
At first I was very skeptical about joining, because you had to pay a joining fee to be able to use the service. And I didn't really wanted to pay to join a service (that was still in development stage) and get nothing for it.

So the investigation started. I wanted to know what I was getting myself into. If I was going to make a heap of money, like they said I would, I wanted to know everything about the whole of the Greenwin Network.
It all started with a little known Internet messenger service called SQIP. SQIP messenger was developed by Christian Fortune. Eventually SQIP became a reality to him, and he started looking for investors to fund further development of SQIP.
Eventually he found and Joint Ventured with a group based in Sweden that was developing some new technologies and systems in telecoms and the energy sector. They got together and formed Greenwin Network.

GWN was intended to be the direct sales company for products and services developed by the various teams involved with the GreenWin concept.
Greenwin Network is registered as a company in the UK. So I did it. I signed up, and paid my subscription. And they even gave me a 90 days money back guarantee. No questions asked. And then I sat back and started keeping an eye on GWN and their development. Like a hawk. But I still wasn't satisfied.

I wanted something more. But what I didn't realize is that GWN also gave me 50 PEP's for every subscription I paid for. This blew my mind. PEP's (Personal Equity Points) are like having shares in the company. Yes, shares. Greenwin was planning to get listed on one of Europe's stock markets. And soon Greenwin will make an IPO (Initial Public Offering) and it will be officially listed. And it has been predicted by stock market guru's that Greenwin shares might even climb as high as 100 Euros per PEP. So if you have 100 PEP's, it will convert to 10,000 Euros in Shares.
When I heard this I nearly fell off my chair. Here is a little known company who has just started out, and they are talking about being on a stock market. This only fueled my brain with questions that needed to be answered. And I wasn't going to be satisfied by an answer I got from an excellent Greenwin support team.
I wanted to get the answers straight out of Christian Fortune's mouth. So I started trying to get hold of him sending email after email explaining that I wanted to know more about GWN behind the scenes. Eventually in December 2010 I got a reply. And let me tell you one thing about Christian. He is very methodical. Calm as anyone could ever be. One of the nicest people I have met in my life. Very well spoken and he always gives you an honest answer.

Eventually we started talking about how Greenwin will operate in South Africa. This is where I live. He told me that Greenwin Telecoms is looking into starting Joint Ventures in South Africa, and across the world.


I have secured a major joint venture with Greenwin Telecoms, and one of the major telecommunications companies here in South Africa.
Greenwin Telecoms is also setting up major joint ventures in countries like UK, USA, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and the list goes on. Television stations in Italy will start advertising Greenwin Telecoms services and products in Feb 2011. Do you think that GreenWin can achieve this if it was a scam?

So now, I, Jack Stevens can guarantee you that there is NO such thing as a GreenWin scam going on. The company is as legit as Skype, or Google or any other registered company out there.
Why am I giving you my personal guarantee that GWN is NOT a scam? Because I am personally involved with GW behind the scenes, helping them get a foothold in the South African market.
I have been in personal contact with Christian Fortune for quite some time now, and we have been working very hard to make a success of Greenwin.

I also came to understand a shocking reality after communicating with Christian.

GWN is a project created and designed to help as many members as possible achieve at least some measure of financial success but it actually does not need to exist at all.

Christian and the other founders could remove GWN from the market place and it would have zero impact on their business development and growth.

When you understand their business model and structure you will see how elegantly it is all put together.

The parent company is called GreenWin Group Ltd

GWG owns GreenWin Telecoms. This is the company that actually develops and deploys the services and products like the VOIP, Messenger, SIM cards and the new G-Phone.

GreenWin Telecoms works via joint ventures to deliver its services and products.

GreenWin Network actually buys the products and services from GreenWin Telecoms. So in fact GWN is just one of many wholesale distribution companies that GW Telecoms sells its services and products to.

So if GWN did not exist GW Telecoms would simply continue building other Joint Venture deals around the world.

I and my colleagues in South Africa have formed a JV with GW Telecoms to deploy the full range of services and products in South Africa. This is separate from any direct selling as an affiliate that I do for GreenWin Network. We operate at a totally different level when working directly with GW Telecoms.

The other thing I have learned about GreenWin is that they do not need to involve Stakeholders. The stakeholder program is part of their social initiative to help those members awake enough to see the opportunity and the potential to make a profit when the PEPs are converted into shares in the parent company GreenWin Group Ltd

The more I took the time to communicate the more I have learned about the long term plan and road map that GWG has, not just for their telecoms services but also things like their other green technologies including the new phone battery they have developed that never needs to charged up using the mains electricity. Or their MobiSight system which will be deployed by the summer and will totally revolutionize how people share and transmit data and content using mobile phones. All of these products, systems and technologies have multiple pending patents.

Ok I agree that it can be frustrating when you are waiting for a promised mobile system that is months late in being deployed but that is technology and they are getting it right in not deploying anything until it is fully ready. But they are also now several months ahead of schedule with the SIM cards and the G-Phone and about 4 months ahead of the projected schedule for MobiSight.

I know for a fact that just our work with GW Telecoms will have a massive impact in South Africa. My colleagues who are all very experienced telecoms people know this too and are excited to have the opportunity to partner with GW Telecoms.

So there you have it. The cold hard facts about GWN and its relationship to GreenWin Telecoms and its' position within the GreenWin Group.

It is now up to you to make up your mind. If you are still skeptical, well then nothing I can say or do will convince you.
But I can guarantee you this. You will look back one day and think to yourself what a fool you were to NOT listen to what Jack had to say. "Jack made plenty money through Greenwin and I made none."


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